Bp. Joseph Hall


Joseph Hall entered Emmanuel College Cambridge as a pensioner in 1589 (B.A. 1593, M.A. 1596, B.D. 1603, D.D. 1612). He was Rector of Hawstead, Suffolk (1601-08), Vicar of of Waltham, Essex (1608), and chaplain to Prince Henry (1608). He attended Gray's Inn (1615) and was Dean of Worcester (1616-27), Bishop of Exeter (1627-41), and Bishop of Norwich (1641-56). Hall's early satires were followed by a series of much-admired devotional and controversial works. As the author of Divine Right of Episcopacy (1637) Hall attracted the criticism of Milton and others. During the interregnum Hall was impeached, imprisoned, and had his estate sequestered.


1597His Defiance to Envy, in Virgidemiarum.
1597Lib. I Sat. 4.
1597Lib. I. Sat. VI.
1597Lib. I. Sat. I.
1600 ca.To Camden.
1606 ca.In Autorem [William Bedell].


Virgidemiarum: first three books of toothless satires. 1597.
Virgidemiarum: three last books of biting satires. 1598.
The anatomie of sin. 1603.
The Kings prophecie: or weeping joy. 1603.
Meditations and vows. 1605, 1606.
Mundus alter et Idem. 1605.
Arte of divine meditation. 1606.
Heaven upon earth: or, of true peace and tranquilitie of minde. 1606.
Holy observations. 1607.
Characters of vertues and vices. 1608.
Epistles. 3 vols, 1608-11.
The peace of Rome. Proclaimed to all the world, by cardinall Bellarmine. 1609.
Salomans divine artes. 1609.
A common apologie of the Church of England. 1610.
Polemices sacrae pars prior: Roma irreconciliabilis. 1611.
Contemplations upon the principall passages of the holie story. 8 vols, 1612-26.
Quo vadis? A just censure of travell. 1617.
The honor of the married clergie. 1620.
No peace with Rome. 1625.
Works. 1625, 1628.
The olde religion. 1628.
The second tome. Contemplations upon the history of the New Testament. 1628, 1634.
An answer to Pope Urban his inurbanitie. 1629.
The reconciler: an epistle pacificatorie of the seeming-differences of opinion. 1629.
Occasional meditations. 2 vols, 1630, 1631.
A plaine and familiar explication (by way of paraphrase) of all the hard texts of the whole divine scripture. 1633.
Propositione Catholicae. 1633.
Meditatiunculae Subitaneae. 1633.
Divine right of episcopacy. 1637.
The remedy of prophanesse. Or, of the true sight and feare of the Almighty. 1637.
Certaine irregrangable propositions worthy of serious consideration. 1639.
An humble remonstrance to the high court of Parliament. 1640.
Christian moderation. 1640.
A defence of the Humble remonstrance, against the frivolous and false exceptions of Smectymnuus. 1641.
A letter lately sent by a reverend bishop from the Tower. 1642.
The lawfulness and unlawfulnes of an oath or covenant. 1643.
The devout soul, or, rules of heavenly devotion. 1644.
The peace-maker. 1645.
The remedy of discontentment. 1645.
The balme of Gilead; or, comforts for the distressed, both morall and divine. 1646.
Christ mysticall; or the blessed union of Christ and his members. 1647.
Satans fiery darts quenched. 1647.
Pax terris. 1648.
Select thoughts, one century. 1648.
The apostolique institution of imposition of hands, for confirmation, revived. 1649.
Resolutions and decisions of divers practicall cases of conscience. 1649.
The revelation unrevealed. 1650.
Susurrium cum Deo soliloquies, or, Holy self-conferences of the devout soul. 1651.
The great mysterie of godliness. 1652.
Holy raptures: or, pathetical meditations of the love of Christ. 1652.
The holy order: or fraternitie of the mourners in Sion. 1654.
The shaking of the olive-tree, the remaining works of ... Joseph Hall. 1660.
Divers treatises, written upon several occasions. 1662.
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Works, ed. Peter Hall. 12 vols, 1837-39.
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The discovery of a new world, trans. John Healey. 1937.
Collected poems, ed. Arnold Davenport. 1949.
Another world and yet the same, trans. John Millar Wands. 1981.