Rev. John Marston


The son of a Shropshire barrister, John Marston attended Brasenose College Oxford (B.A. 1594) and the Middle Temple (1592, 1601-06). Rather than practice law, Marston wrote for the stage and was twice jailed for his satirical plays — among his targets was Joseph Hall. After the second incarceration he left the stage and become vicar of Christ Church, Hampshire. He resigned his living in 1631 to return to London, where he died in 1634.


1598Sattyre VI. Hem nosti'n.


The metamorphosis of Pigmalions image and certaine satyres. 1598.
The scourge of villanie: three bookes of satyres. 1598.
Jacke Drums entertainment: or the comedie of Pasquill and Katherine. 1601.
The history of Antonio and Mellida: the first part. 1602.
Antonios revenge: the second part. 1602.
The malcontent. 1604.
The Dutch courtezan. 1605.
Eastward hoe [with Chapman and Jonson]. 1605.
Parasitaster: or the fawne. 1606.
The wonder of women: or the tragedie of Sophonisba. 1606.
What you will. 1607.
Miscellaneous pieces of poesie. 1764.
The honorable Lorde and Lady of Huntingdons entertainment of theire right noble mother Alice. 1801.
Plays, ed. H. H. Wood. 3 vols, 1934-39.
The argument of the spectacle presented to the sacred majestys of Great Britain and Denmark. 1961.
Poems, ed. Arnold Davenport. 1961.