Sir Walter Raleigh


Sir Walter Raleigh, Spenser's "Shepherd of the Ocean," entered Oriel College Oxford as a commoner in or about 1568; in 1569 he fought for the Huguenots in France, then in the Netherlands for the Prince of Orange; in 1579 he made his first journey to North America. In 1580 he was captain of a company of troops in Ireland, and was shortly afterwards knighted and granted estates there. In 1587 Raleigh attempted to start a colony in Virginia, and in 1588 he furnished a ship and men to fight the Spanish Armada. Raleigh was accused of conspiring with Essex and spent thirteen years in prison; he was eventually released only to be beheaded in 1618 for his part in an attack on Spain.


1590A Vision upon this Conceipt of the Faery Queene.
1590[Untitled, "The Praise of meaner Wits this Work like Profit brings."]
1595An Epitaph upon the Right Honourable Sir Philip Sidney Knight, Lord Governor of Flushing.


A report of the fight about the iles of the Azores. 1591.
The discoverie of the large, rich, and bewtiful empyre of Guiana. 1596.
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