William Basse

(1583 ca.-1653)

William Basse of Oxfordshire is remembered for his elegy on Shakespeare and the "Angler's Song" quoted in Walton's Compleat Angler. He knew Walton, Browne of Tavistock (commendatory poem in Britannias Pastorals), and possibly Wither; his nineteenth-century editor improbably suggests that he may have known Spenser on the basis of the following lines: "when I was Collins boy, | His deare young boy, and yet of yeares inow | To leade his willing heard along the plaine" (Pastoral Elegies). Though Basse does not appear in the university registers he may have attended Oxford; he was afterward a retainer to Lord Wenman of Thame Park.


1602Elegie I.
1602Elegie II.
1602Elegie III.
1602Three Pastoral Elegies: To the Reader.
1610 ca.Urania: the Woman in the Moone in four Cantos or Quarters.
1613Great Brittaines Sunnes-set.
1622 ca.On Mr. Wm. Shakespeare.
1640 ca.An Apologie to Clio and her Sisters. To the Reader.
1640 ca.Clio, or the First Muse in 9 Eglogues in Honor of 9 Vertues.
1640 ca.Friday. [Eglogue 7] Of Hospitalitie.
1640 ca.Munday. Laurinella [Eglogue I] of True and Chast Love.
1640 ca.Munday. Poemenarcha [Eglogue 2] of Gratitude.
1640 ca.Satturday. [Eglogue 8] Of Constancy.
1640 ca.Satturday. [Eglogue 9] Of Humility.
1640 ca.Thursday. Clemma [Eglogue 6] of Patience.
1640 ca.Tuesday. [Eglogue 3] Of Contentment.
1640 ca.Wednesday. Epitaphium [Eglogue 4] Worthy Memory.
1640 ca.Wednesday. [Eglogue 5] Of Temperance.
1648 ca.The Metamorphosis of the Wallnut-Tree of Borestall.


Sword and buckler: or, a serving-mans defence. 1602.
Three pastoral elegies of Anander, Anetor, and Muridella. 1602.
Great Brittaines sunnes-set bewailed with a shower of teares. 1613.
Maister Basse his careere. Ca. 1625.
Pastorals and other workes, ed. John Payne Collier. 1870.
Poetical works, ed. R. Warwick Bond. 1893.