Sir William Temple


The son of Sir John Temple, Master of the Rolls, William Temple was admitted fellow-commoner of Emmanuel College Cambridge where he was a student of Ralph Cudworth; he later served as a diplomat under Charles II, was Master of the Rolls, a member of the Irish Parliament, and the patron of Jonathan Swift, who later edited Temple's papers. Some of Temple's poetry is reprinted in Nichols, Select Collection (1780-84).


1690Essays: Of Poetry.


Upon the death of Mrs Catherine Philips. 1664.
Lettre d'un marchand de Londres a son amy a Amsterdam. 1666.
Poems by Sir W. T. 1670?
An essay upon the advancement of trade in Ireland. 1673.
Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands. 1673.
Miscellanies. 1680-1701.
Memoirs of what past in Christendom, from the war begun in 1672 to the peace concluded in 1679. 1692.
An essay upon taxes. 1693.
An answer to a scurrilous pamphlet. 1693.
An introduction to the history of England. 1659.
The temple of death. 1695.
Works. 2 vols, 1720.
Letters of Dorothy Osburne to William Temple, ed. G. C. M. Smith. 1928.
Early essays and romances, ed. G. C. M. Smith. 1930.