Rev. Luke Milbourne


The son of a nonconformist divine, Luke Milbourne entered Pembroke College Cambridge as a sizar in 1666 (B.A. 1670); he was chaplain in Hamburg, Rotterdam, and Harwich, and later Rector of Osmandiston, Norfolk (1677-1702) and of St Ethelburga's in London (1704-20). His attack on John Dryden won Milbourne a place in the Dunciad.


1698Notes on Dryden's Virgil.


The originals of rebellion. A sermon. 1683.
Samaritinism reviv'd. A sermon. 1683.
The first book of Virgils Aeneis made English. 1688.
A short defence of the orders of the Church of England. 1688.
Mysteries in religion vindicated. 1692.
The Christian pattern paraphras'd; or, the book of the imitation of Christ. 1697.
Notes on Dryden's Virgil. 1697.
False faith not justified. A sermon. 1698.
The psalms of David in English metre. 1698.
A farewell sermon. 1699.
Tom of Bedlam: or, a mad poem. 1701.
Christian good fellowship. A sermon. 1704.
The hope of a future life. A sermon. 1704.
Great Britain's acclamation to her Deborah. A sermon. 1704.
The morality of God's prophets. A sermon. 1704.
The people not the original of civil power. A sermon. 1707.
The royal martyr lamented, in fourteen sermons. 1708-20.
Debtor and creditor made easy. A sermon. 1709.
The measures of resistance to higher powers. A sermon. 1710.
Melius inquirendum. A sermon. 1710.
The moderate cabal. A satyr. 1710.
The impiety and folly of resisting lawful governors. A sermon. 1711.
The curse of regicides. A sermon. 1712.
A guilty conscience makes a rebel. A sermon. 1713.
Peace the gift of God. A sermon. 1713.
Psalmody recommended in a sermon. 1713.
The traitor's reward. A sermon. 1714.
Conciones duse ad clerum Londinensem. 1715.
The Christian subject's duty to his lawful prince. In a sermon. 1716.
Good princes and faithfull Counsellors. A sermon. 1716.
The two wolves in lamb's skins. 1716.
Evil not to be done that good may come of it: a sermon. 1717.
Sedition and rebellion in the state. A sermon. 1718.
Ignorance and folly put to silence. A sermon. 1719.
Royal and innocent blood expiated. A sermon. 1720.
A legacy to the Church of England. 2 vols, 1722.