Nathaniel Lee

(1649 ca.-1692)

The son of a Hatfield clergyman, Nathaniel Lee studied under Busby at Westminster School and took his B.A. from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1668. In London he worked as an actor was a successful dramatist, twice collaborating with Dryden before spending his last years confined in Bethlehem Hospital, thus becoming one of the archetypes of the "mad poet."


1680Prologue to Theodosius.
1684Constantine the Great: Prologue.


The tragedy of Nero, Emperour of Rome. 1675.
Sophonisba: or Hannibal's overthrow. 1675.
Gloriana: or the Court of Augustus Caesar. 1676.
The rival Queens: or the death of Alexander the Great. 1677.
To the Prince and Princess of Orange upon their marriage. 1677.
Mithridates King of Pontus. 1678.
Oedipus. 1679.
Caesar Borgia, son of Pope Alexander the Sixth. 1679.
Theodosius: or the force of love. 1680.
Lucius Junius Brutus, father of his country. 1681.
To the Duke upon his return. 1682.
The Duke of Guise. 1683.
Constantine the Great. 1684.
The Princess of Cleve. 1689.
The massacre of Paris. 1689.
On the death of Mrs. Behn. 1689.
On their Majesties coronation. 1689.
Works. 1694.
Plays, ed. T. B. Stroup and A. L. Cooke. 2 vols, 1954-55.