Sir Richard Blackmore

(1653 ca.-1729)

Born in Corsham in Wiltshire, Richard Blackmore was the third son of an attorney; he was educated at Westminster School and St Edmund Hall Oxford (B.A. 1674, M.A. 1676). After tutoring at Oxford Blackmore took the European tour (M.D. from Padua 1684). He became a member of the Royal College of Physicians, was physician in ordinary to William III and Queen Anne, and was knighted for his services in 1697. A great favorite with the Whigs, Blackmore was despised by John Dryden and pilloried by the Tory wits generally.


1695Prince Arthur. An Heroick Poem.
1695Prince Arthur: The Preface.
1697King Arthur. An Heroick Poem.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book II.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book III.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book IV.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book IX.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book V.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book VI.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book VII.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book VIII.
1705Eliza: an Epick Poem. Book X.
1706Advice to the Poets. A Poem.
1716An Essay on the Nature and Constitution of Epick Poetry.


Prince Arthur: an heroick poem. 1695.
King Arthur: an heroick poem. 1697.
A short history of the last parliament. 1699.
A satyr against wit. 1700.
A paraphrase on the book of Job. 1700.
The report of the physicians and surgeons. 1702.
A hymn to the light of the world, with a short description of the cartoons of Raphael Urbin. 1703.
Eliza: an epick poem. 1705.
Advice to the poets: a poem occasion'd by the wonderful success of her Majesty's arms in Flanders. 1706.
The Kit-cats: a poem. 1708.
Instructions to Vander Bank, a sequel to the Advice to the poets. 1709.
The nature of man: a poem in three books. 1711.
Creation: a philosophical poem in seven books. 1712.
The lay-monastery: consisting of essays, discourses, etc. 1714.
The lay-monk [editor, with John Hughes]. 1714.
Essays upon several subjects. 1716, 1717.
A collection of poems on various subjects. 1718.
A discourse upon the plague. 1721.
Just prejudices against the Arian hypothesis. 1721.
Modern Arians unmask'd. 1721.
A new version of the psalms of David. 1721.
Redemption: a divine poem. 1722.
A treatise upon the small pox. 1723.
A true and impartial history of the conspiracy against the person and government of King William in 1695. 1723.
Alfred: an epick poem. 1723.
A treatise of consumptions and other distempers. 1724.
A treatise on the spleen and vapours. 1725
A critical dissertation upon the spleen. 1725.
Discourses on the gout, rheumatism, and the King's Evil. 1726.
Dissertations on a dropsy. 1727.
Natural theology. 1728.
The accomplished preacher, or essays on divine eloquence. 1731.