John Oldmixon


A Whig poet and historian, John Oldmixon was born in Somersetshire. He was employed as a Whig political writer in London, though he attacked persons of both parties with equal venom, becoming one of the more prolific political writers of the age. For these efforts he was awarded a place in the Customs and a place in the Dunciad. Oldmixon's "Amintas: a Pastoral" imitates Tasso's Amynta; his "Amores Britannici" modernizes Michael Drayton's Heroical Epistles.


1704A Pastoral Poem on the Victories at Schellenburgh and Bleinheim.
1704Preface to A Pastoral Poem on the Victories at Schellenburgh and Bleinheim.
1728The Arts of Logick and Rhetorick.


Poems on several occasions, written in imitation of the manner of Anacreon etc. 1696.
An idyll on the peace. 1697.
Thyrsis: a pastoral. In P. A. Motteux, The novelty, 1697.
Amintas: a pastoral, made English out of Italian from the Aminta of Tasso. 1698.
A poem humbly addrest to the Earl of Portland on his Lordships return from his embassy in France. 1698.
Reflections on the stage and Mr Collyer's Defence of the Short view. 1699.
The grove, or love's paradice: an opera. 1700.
A funerall idyll, sacred to the glorious memory of K. William III. 1702.
The governour of Cyprus: a tragedy. 1703
Amores britannici: epistles historical and gallant, in English heroic verse. 2 vols, 1703.
A pastoral poem on the victories at Schellenburgh and Blenheim, with a large preface shewing the antiquity and dignity of pastoral poetry. 1704.
Life of Blake. In Lives English and foreign, vol 2, 1704.
Iberia liberate: a poem occasion'd by the success of her Majesties arms in Catalonia, Valencia etc. 1706.
A complete history of England, with the lives of all the kings and queens thereof to the death of William III [ed. Oldmixon]. 3 vols, 1706, 1719.
The Muses Mercury: or the monthly miscellany [ed. Oldmixon]. 1707-08.
The British Empire in America. 2 vols, 1708.
The history of addresses. 2 vols, 1709-11.
The medley [ed. Oldmixon]. 1710 -11.
A letter to the seven Lords of the committee appointed to examine Gregg. 1711.
Remarks upon remarks: or the barrister-treaty and the succession vindicated. 1711.
Letters and negotiations of the Count D'Estrades translated by several hands [Partly trans. Oldmixon].
The history of Dr Sacheverell faithfully transcribed from the Paris-gazette with remarks comical and political. 1711.
Reflections on Dr Swift's letter to the Earl of Oxford about the English tongue. 1712.
The Dutch barrier our's: or the interest of England and Holland inseparable. 1712.
A defence of Mr. Maccartney, by a friend. 1712.
Dejanira to Hercules. In Ovid's epistles, translated by several hands. 1712.
The secret history of Europe. 4 vols 1712-15.
The life and history of Belisarius and a parallel between him and a modern heroe [Marlborough]. 1713.
Poems and translations by several hands, to which is added the Hospital of fools: a dialogue by the late William Walsh [ed. Oldmixon]. 1714.
The dedication for the Latin edition of Lucretius, written in the year 1711 by Dr Garth, now made English by Mr Oldmixon. 1714.
Arcana gallica: or the secret history of France for the last century. 1714.
The false steps of the ministry after the revolution, with some reflections on the license of the pulpit and press. 1714.
The Court of Atalantis: containing a four years history of that famous island, intermixt with fables and epistles, by several hands [ed. Oldmixon]. 1714.
Memoirs of North-Britain, in which it is proved that the Scots nation have always been zealous in the defence of the Protestant religion and liberty. 1715.
Memoirs of the life of the most noble Thomas late Marquis of Wharton. 1715.
The life and posthumous works of Arthur Maynwaring. 1715. Anon.
Nixon's Cheshire prophecy at large. 1715?.
The Catholick poet [Pope], or Protestant Barnaby's [Lintott] sorrowful lamentation: an excellent new ballad. 1716.
Memoirs of the life of John Lord Somers, with a large introduction in vindication of the modern biography. 1716.
Memoirs of Ireland from the Restoration to the present times. 1716.
The critical history of England, ecclesiastical and civil. 2 vols, 1724, 1726.
A review of Dr. Zachary Grey's Defence of our ancient and modern historians. 1725.
Clarendon and Whitlock compar'd; to which is added a comparison between the History of the Rebellion and other histories of the Civil War. 1727.
An essay on criticism, as it regards design, thought and expression. 1728.
The arts of logick and rhetorick. 1728.
The history of England, during the reigns of the royal house of Stuart. 1730.
Mr Oldmixon's reply to the late Bishop Atterbury's Vindication of Bishop Smallridge, Dr Aldrich and himself. 1732.
The history of England during the reigns of William and Mary, Anne, George I. 1735
The history of England during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth. 1739.
The history and life of Robert Blake. 1741.
Memoirs of the press, historical and political from 1710 to 1740. 1742.