Rev. Joseph Trapp


The son of a Gloucestershire clergyman, Joseph Trapp was educated at Wadham College Oxford (MA 1702, Fellow, DD by diploma 1728). He was chaplain to Bolingbroke (1712) and, like the elder Thomas Warton, was a high-church Tory. The first of the Oxford professors of poetry (1708), Trapp is remembered for his Latin lectures on poetry (translated 1742). He translated Virgil into English blank verse, and Paradise Lost into Latin. Trapp also published four volumes of sermons and controversial and political pamphlets. His tragedy, Abra-Mule, went through five editions.


1715Lecture XIV. Of Pastorals.
1715Lecture XXIX. Of Epic, or Heroic Poetry.


Aedes badmintonianae: a poem. 1701.
A prologue to the University of Oxford. 1703.
The tragedy of King Saul [attributed]. 1703.
Abra-mule, or love and empire: a tragedy. 1704.
The mischiefs of changes in government. 1705.
The practice of confounding ... good and evil. 1708.
Most faults on one side. 1710.
An ordinary journey no progress. 1710.
The true genuine Tory address. 1710.
Praelectiones poeticae. 2 vols, 1711, 1715.
The character and principles of the present set of Whigs. 1711.
A sermon... before the lords justices. 1711.
To ... Mr. Harley. 1711.
Her Majesty's prerogative in Ireland. 1712.
A sermon ... [on] the general fast. 1712.
Peace: a poem. 1713.
The nature and influence of the fear of God. 1713.
A preservative against unsettled notions. 1715.
The real nature of the church or kingdom of Christ. 1717.
Reality without existence ... a sermon. 1717.
A scourge for Mr. Trapp. 1717.
The Aeneis of Virgil translated. 2 vols, 1718-20.
The dignity, and benefits of the priesthood. 1720.
The honour and virtue ... of building churches. 1723.
The case of the patron of St. Andrews. 1722.
Popery truly stated. 1726.
The church of England defended. 1727.
A single combat. 1728.
A sermon preached before ... the lord mayor. 1729.
The doctrine of ... the trinity. 1730?
Religion the great support ... of government. 1730.
Virgil, Works, trans. Trapp. 3 vols, 1731.
Thoughts upon the four last things. 1734-35.
The ministerial virtue. 1738.
The royal sin, or adultery rebuk'd. 1738.
The nature, folly, sin, and danger of being righteous over much. 1739.
The nature of ... religious zeal. 1739.
The true spirit of the Methodists. 1740.
Paradisus amissus latine redditus. 2 vols, 1741-42.
Anacreontis carmina accurate edita. 1742.
A sermon ... [on] children in charity schools. 1742.
Concio ad clerum Londinensem. 1743.
Explanatory notes upon the four gospels. 1747.
Sermons on moral and practical subjects. 1752.