Elijah Fenton


Elijah Fenton, the eleventh child of a Staffordshire attorney, entered Cambridge as a sizar in 1700 (B.A. from Jesus, 1705; M.A. from Trinity, 1726). He was secretary to the Earl of Orrery in Flanders and master of Seven Oaks grammar school. Fenton edited the volume in which Philips's and Pope's pastorals were jointly published, and later translated several books Pope's Odyssey. A notable Tory, he was a friend of William Broome, Walter Harte, and the elder Thomas Warton, who had once been his student.


1703 ca.Florelio. A Pastoral. Lamenting the Death of the late Marquis of Blandford. By Mr. Fenton.
1707An Ode to the Sun, for the New-Year.
1711An Epistle to Mr. Southerne.
1729Observations on some of Mr. Waller's Poems.


Cerealia: an imitation of Milton. 1706.
On the first-fit of the gout. By a person of honour. 1706.
An ode to the sun, for the New-Year. 1707.
Oxford and Cambridge miscellany poems. Editor and contributor, 1708.
An epistle to Mr. Southern. 1711.
M. Manlius Capitolinus. 1712.
To the Queen, on her Majesty's birthday. 1712.
A letter to the knight of the sable shield. 1716.
Poems on several occasions. 1717.
Marianne: a tragedy. 1723.
Life of John Milton [prefixed to Paradise Lost]. 1725.
Two early lives of John Milton, ed. W. H. Hulme. 1924.