Dr. George Sewell


Born at Windsor, George Sewell attended Eton (1698-1705) and Peterhouse College Cambridge (B.A. 1710); he studied at Leyden University and took his M.D. at Edinburgh (1725). An associate of Addison and Steele, Sewell contributed to both the Tatler and the Spectator. He seems to have gone over to the Tory party at an inopportune time. After retiring to Hampstead, Sewell's practice dwindled and he died in poverty and obscurity. He left an essay "On the Usefulness of Snails in Medicine."


1710 ca.The Force of Musick, a Fragment after the Manner of Spenser.
1712The Life and Character of Mr. John Philips.
1714A Poem upon his Majesties Accession.
1715An Epistle to Joseph Addison, Esq.
1720Preface. The Song of Troilus.
1728The Tragedy of Richard I: Preface.


The patriot: a poem. 1712.
The life and character of Mr. John Philips. 1712.
Observations upon Cato, a tragedy. 1713.
The clergy and the present ministry defended, being a letter to the Bishop of Salisbury. 1713.
Remarks upon a pamphlet intituled Observations upon the state of the nation. 1713.
A second letter to the Bishop of Salisbury. 1713.
An epistle from Sempronia to Cethegus. 1713.
An introduction to the life and works of G—t Lord Bishop of S—m. Being a third letter. 1714.
The reasons for writing against the bishop of Salisbury. 1714.
More news from Salisbury. 1714.
Schism destructive of the government both in church and state. 1714.
A true account of the life and writings of Thomas Burnet. 1715.
A vindication of the English stage, exemplified in Cato. 1716.
The whole works of Dr. Archibald Pitcairne, done from the Latin. 1717.
Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, ed. Sewell. 1717.
The proclamation of Cupid or a defence of women: a poem from Chaucer. 1718.
The resigners vindicated. 1718.
The tragedy of Sir Walter Raleigh. 1719.
Poems on several occasions. 1719.
A new collection of original poems. 1720.
Verses to the Right Honourable the Lord Carteret. 1721.
Ovid's Metamorphosis: the second edition, with great improvements by Mr Sewell. 1724.
Miscellanies in prose and verse [Joseph Addison, ed. Sewell]. 1725.
Venus and Adonis and miscellany poems, revised and collected by Mr. Sewell. Vol 7 of Works of Shakespeare by Mr Pope. 1725.
The whole works of Archibald Pitcairn ... translated. 1727.
The tragedy of Richard I King of England; to which are annexed some other papers. 1728.
Posthumous works, ed. Gregory Sewell. 1728.