Rev. Samuel Croxall

(1690 ca.-1752)

The son of Ralph Croxall, a Cumberland clerk, Samuel Croxall attended Eton (1701-07) before being admitted as a sizar at Cambridge (B.A. 1712; M.A. 1717, D.D. 1728). He was Rector of Bradenham, Norfolk (1713-16), Vicar of Hampton, Middlesex (1716-32), prebendary of Hertford (1727), Vicar of St. Mary Somerset and St Mary Mounthaw, London (1731-52), Archdeacon of Salop (1732), Vicar of Selleck, Herefordshire (1734), chancellor (1738) and treasurer (1745) of Hereford Cathedral. A popular Whig writer, Croxall was Chaplain in Ordinary at Hampton Court (1716-52).


1713An Original Canto of Spencer.
1713An Original Canto of Spencer: The Preface.
1713The Examiner Examin'd.
1714An Ode humbly inscrib'd to the King.
1714Another Original Canto of Spencer.
1714Another Original Canto of Spencer: Preface.
1715The Vision. A Poem.
1720Florinda seen while she was bathing.
1720The Fair Circassian, a Dramatic Performance.


An original canto of Spencer design'd as part of his Fairy Queen but never printed: now made publick, by Nestor Ironside esq. 1713.
The Examiner examin'd in a letter to the Englishman, occasion'd by the Examiner of Friday Dec. 18 1713 upon the canto of Spencer, by Nestor Ironside. 1713.
Another original canto of Spencer, by Nestor Ironside. 1714.
An ode humbly inscrib'd to the King. 1714.
Incendiaries no Christians. A sermon. 1715.
The vision: a poem by Mr. Croxall, author of the two original cantos of Spencer. 1715.
Incendiaries no Christians: a sermon preached October the 9th 1715. 1715.
Ovid's Metamorphoses in fifteen books translated by the most eminent hands. [Garth, ed.; Croxall contributed Books 6, parts of 8, 10-11, 13]. 1717.
The fair Circassian: a dramatic performance done from the original [Song of Solomon] by a gentleman-commoner of Oxford. 1720.
A select collection of novels in six volumes all new translated from the originals by several eminent hands [ed. Croxall] 1720-22.
The secret history of Pythagoras, part I, translated from the original lately found at Otranto by J. W. MD. [attributed to Croxall]. 1721.
Fables of Aesop and others newly done into English with an application to each fable. 1722.
A sermon preach'd before the honourable House of Commons at St. Margaret's Westminster. 1730.
Scripture politics. 1735.
The antiquity, dignity and advantages of music: a sermon. 1741.
The royal manual. 1750.
The novelist ... containing the select novels of Dr. Croxall. 1766.