Rev. Moses Browne


Moses Browne, born in Severn Stoke, Worcester, published his early poetry under the patronage of Viscount Molesworth; after the death of his patron he struggled to support a growing family as a pen-cutter. Edward Cave published a number of Browne's poems in the Gentleman's Magazine (1733-50) where they sometimes appeared under the pseudonym "Astrophil." Later in life Browne found belated success as a devotional writer; Lord Dartmouth and the countess of Hertford were among his patrons. At the instigation of the evangelical writer James Hervey Browne was ordained in 1753; he was vicar of Olney, and later chaplain of Morden College and Vicar of Sutton in Lincolnshire.


1721The Throne of Justice; a Pindaric Ode.
1729Essay in Defense of Piscatory Eclogue, in Piscatory Eclogues.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: I. The Weather.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: II. The Nocturnal.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: III. The River Enemies.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: IV. The Sea Swains.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: IX. The Complaints, or, The Friends.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: V. Renock's Despair.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: VI. The Songs.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: VII. The Strife.
1729Piscatory Eclogues: VIII. The Fowlers.
1734Tavy's Speech.
1735Teague's Orashion.
1739The Fate of the Muse. To Richard Savage, Esq; Son to the late Earl Rivers.
1740In Praise of Chaucer, Father of English Poetry.
1749Percy-Lodge, a Seat of the Duke and Duchess of Somerset, a Poem.
1783Preface to the new Edition of the Purple Island.


The throne of justice: a Pindaric ode. 1721.
The Richmond beauties. 1722.
Polidus or distress'd love: a tragedy, with a farce call'd All bedevil'd or the house in a hurry. 1723.
Verses to the right honourable the Earl of Scarborough. Upon the death of the late glorious king. 1727.
Piscatory eclogues: an essay to introduce new rules and new characters into pastoral. 1729.
Poems on various subjects. 1739.
Sunday thoughts. 1749, 1750.
The compleat angler [Walton and Cotton, ed. Browne]. 1750.
The works and rest of the creation. 1752.
The nativity and humiliation of Jesus Christ practically consider'd. A sermon. 1754.
Percy-lodge: a poem. 1755.
The Christian's glorious Coronation-day. A sermon. 1761.
The causes that obstruct the progress of reformation. A sermon. 1765.
The excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 1772.