Dr. Mark Akenside


The son of a Newcastle butcher, Mark Akenside studied at a dissenting academy and Edinburgh University, where he abandoning a proposed clerical career to take up medicine. In London he befriended Robert Dodsley, who published his Pleasures of Imagination (1744) and Odes (1745) and employed him in periodical projects. When Akenside's medical practice languished he was made financially independent by his friend Jeremiah Dyson. Akenside later returned to medicine, becoming Fellow of the Royal Society (1753) and, after changing his political stripes, physician to the queen.


1737The Poet; a Rhapsody.
1737The Virtuoso; in imitation of Spencer's Style and Stanza.
1739Hymn to Science.
1744The Pleasures of Imagination. A Poem.
1744The Pleasures of Imagination. Book II.
1744The Pleasures of Imagination. Book III.
1745Ode I. Allusion to Horace.
1745Ode II. On the Winter-Solstice, M.D.CC.XL.
1745Ode III. Against Suspicion.
1745Ode IV. To a Gentleman whose Mistress had married an Old Man.
1745Ode IX. To Sleep.
1745Ode V. Hymn to Chearfulness. The Author Sick.
1745Ode VI. On the Absence of the Poetic Inclination.
1745Ode VII. To a Friend, on the Hazard of falling in Love.
1745Ode VIII. On Leaving Holland.
1745Ode X. On Lyric Poetry.
1746On Correctness.
1746The Balance of Poets.
1750Book II, Ode IV. To the honourable Charles Townsend, in the Country. 1750.
1751 ca.Book II, Ode XIII. To the Author of the Memoirs of the House of Brandenburgh. 1751.
1751Ode to Thomas Edwards, Esq; on the late Edition of Mr. Pope's Works.
1758An Ode to the Country Gentlemen of England.


A British philippic. 1738; reprinted in 1738 as The voice of liberty.
The pleasures of imagination. 1744.
An epistle to Warburton. 1744.
An epistle to Curio. 1744.
Dissertatio medica inauguralis. Leyden, 1744.
Odes on several subjects. 1745.
Friendship and love: a dialog. 1745.
The museum: or, the literary and historical register [ed. Akenside]. 3 vols, 1746-47.
An ode to the Earl of Huntingdon. 1748.
An ode to the country gentlemen of England. 1758.
Oratio anniversaria in theatro Collegii Regalis. 1760.
De dysenteria commentarius. 1764.
An ode to the late Thomas Edwards. 1766.
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