Dr. Hugh Downman


Hugh Downman studied at the Exter grammar school and Balliol College Oxford (B.A. 1763; M.A. from Jesus College Cambridge 1769). Failing to obtain an adequate clerical living, he studied medicine at Edinburgh, where he boarded with the Thomas Blacklock, the blind poet. Downman returned to Exeter to practice (1770-78). Ill health forced a decade of retirement (and literary composition) before a return to medical practice (1790-1808). Downman founded the literary society at Exeter that included Richard Polwhele. Isaac D'Israeli, then a young man, was among Downman's patients at Exeter.


1761An Ode. Occasioned by the Coronation 1761.
1767Sonnets wrote at Inversnaid, in Scotland, in the Year 1767.
1768An Elegy transposed from Spenser.
1768An Elegy wrote under a Gallows.
1768The Land of the Muses: a Poem, in the Manner of Spenser.
1768To the Lyric Muse. An Ode.
1790Ode, on reading Mr. Hole's Arthur, or The Northern Enchantment.
1790The Land of the Muses.
1790To Dr. Blacklock.
1791A Critical Epistle to ***, on his Partiality for French Writers.
1792Ode to Candour.
1792Ode to Honour.


The land of the muses: a poem in the manner of Spenser. 1768.
An elegy wrote under a gallows. 1768.
The soliloquy. A poem [by Downman?]. 1771?
Infancy: a poem. 1774, 1775, 1776.
The drama: a poem. 1775.
Lucius Junius Brutus, or the expulsion of the Tarquins: an historical play. 1779.
Annals of the Empire [Voltaire]. 1781.
The death-song of Ragnar Lodbrach, translated. 1781.
The dramatic works of Voltaire [trans. Downman and William]. 2 vols, 1781.
Poems to Thespia. 1781.
Editha: a tragedy. 1784.
Poems. 1790.
Poems to Thespia. To which are added sonnets, etc. 1792.
Tragedies. 1792.
Poems, sacred to love and beauty. 2 vols, 1808.