Francis Godolphin Waldron


Francis Godolphin Waldron was an actor at Drury Lane from 1769, where he produced comedies and adaptations (1773-1804). He managed the theaters at Windsor and Richmond, worked with provincial companies, and was prompter at the Little Theatre in the Haymarket. In his later years Waldron was a bookseller and publisher. The titles of his publications indicate an enduring fascination with renaissance drama and the age of Elizabeth; after their exposure, Waldron purchased William Henry Ireland's Shakespeare forgeries for 18 shillings.


1792Dispersed Poems by Spenser; not in any Edition of his Works: and now first Collected.
1795Michael Drayton
1799On Reading Ballad-Stories, Sonnets, &c. by G. D. Hartley, Comedian.
1801Il Luttoso, ed Il Gaudioso, Il Giocoso, ed Il Diligente.


The maid of Kent. 1778.
The sad shepherd [Ben Jonson], with a continuation. 1783.
The King in the country: a dramatic piece. 1789.
The literary museum: or ancient and modern repository, comprising scarce and curious tracts. 1792.
The prodigal: a dramatic piece. 1794.
Heigho for a husband. 1794.
Love and madness. 1795.
The biographical mirror. 3 vols, 1795-1810.
Free reflections on miscellaneous papers and legal instruments under the hand and seal of William Shakespeare. 1796.
The loves of Troilus and Cressida, written by Chaucer, with a commentary by Sir Francis Kynaston, never before published. 1796.
The Virgin Queen, attempted as a sequel to Shakespeare's Tempest. 1797.
The man with two wives, or wigs for ever! a dramatic fable. 1798.
A compendious history of the English stage, ed. Waldron. 1800.
A collection of miscellaneous poetry. 1802.
Rosalynde; Euphues golden legacy, ed. Waldron. 1802.
The Shakespearean miscellany 1802.
The miller's maid. 1804.