Henry James Pye


Henry James Pye attended Magdalen College Oxford (created M.A. 1766, created D.C.L. 1772); he translated Aristotle's Poetics in 1788 and was named Poet Laureate in 1790. While Pye served in Parliament (1784-90) and was magistrate of the Westminster Police Court (1792), he seems to have lived a quiet existence as a scholar and country gentleman. He assisted James Bland Burges in composing Richard the First (1800).


1762[Untitled, "The fading gleam of parting day."]
1763Ode on Ranelagh. Addressed to the Ladies.
1763Winter. An Elegy
1768Elegies on Different Occasions.
1771The Triumph of Fashion. A Vision.
1775The Ninth Olympic Ode.
1783The Progress of Refinement. A Poem.
1787The Myrtle and Bramble. A Fable.
1787The Parsonage Improved.
1790Ode, written at Eaglehurst, which commands a View of Spithead.
1791Ode for the New Year, 1791.
1792Note to Aristotle's Poetics.
1793Ode on the death of Marianne, from Haller.
1802More of the Sequel of the Long Story. Discovered in the Year 1801.


Beauty: a poetical essay. 1766.
Elegies on different occasions. 1768.
The triumph of fashion: a vision. 1771.
Faringdon hill: a poem. 1774.
Six Olympic odes of Pindar. 1775.
The art of war. 1778.
Ode to harmony. 1780?
The progress of refinement: a poem. 1783.
Shooting. 1784.
Aeriphorion. 1784.
Poems on various subjects. 1787.
The poetics of Aristotle. 1788.
The spectre. 2 vols, 1788.
Amusement: a poetical essay. 1790.
A commentary illustrating the Poetic of Aristotle by examples chiefly of the modern poets. 1792.
The siege of Meaux: a tragedy. 1794.
Xenophon's defence of the Athenian democracy, translated. 1794.
The democrat. 2 vols, 1795.
The war elegies of Tyrtaeus imitated. 1795.
The democrat, interspersed with anecdotes of well-known characters. 1796.
Lenore: a tale from Burger. 1796.
Sketches on various subjects, moral, literary, and political. 1796.
The inquisitor: a tragedy, altered from the German [with J. P. Andrews]. 1798.
Naucratia: or naval dominion, a poem. 1798.
The aristocrat. 2 vols, 1799.
Adelaide: a tragedy. 1800.
Carmen seculare for the year 1800. 1800.
Alfred: an epic poem in six books. 1801.
A long story [continuation of Gray's poem]. 1801.
Horace. [Francis, trans, rev. Pye]. 1812.
Comments on the commentators of Shakespeare. 1807.
The sportsman's dictionary ... improved and enlarged. 1807.
Summary of the duties of a justice of the peace out of sessions. 1808.
Collected poems. 2 vols, 1810.
Hymns and epigrams of Homer. 1810.