Dr. John Aikin


John Aikin was the son of the Rev. John Aikin (1713-80), brother of Mrs. Anna Laetitia Barbauld, and father of Lucy Aikin (1781-1864). He studied at Warrington Academy, and was apprenticed as a surgeon and attended medical lectures given by Dr. John Hunter (1770) before taking a medical degree at Leyden (1784). He taught at Warrington, reviewed for the Monthly Review (1771-1784) and practiced medicine at Yarmouth (1786-1792), before moving to London to avoid retribution for his political views. Aikin edited the Monthly Magazine (1796-1806), Annual Register (1811-15), and a supplement to Johnson's British Poets (1820).


1772Essay on Ballads and Pastoral Songs.
1796On the Poetry of Dr. Goldsmith.
1796Review of James Bland Burges's Birth and Triumph of Love.
1798An Essay on the Personification of Abstract Ideas in Poetry. [Part I.]
1798On Personification in Poetry. [Part II.]
1798On Personification in Poetry. [Part III.]
1798On Personification in Poetry. [Part IV.]
1798On Personification in Poetry. [Part V.]
1799On Personification in Poetry. [Part IX.]
1799On Personification in Poetry. [Part VI.]
1799On Personification in Poetry. [Part VII.]
1799On Personification in Poetry. [Part VIII.]
1799On Personification in Poetry. [Part X.]
1802Spenser; Account of his Life, and Criticism of his Works.
1804Letters to a young Lady [The Faerie Queene and Imitators of Spenser].


Observations on the external use of preparations of lead. 1771.
Thoughts on hospitals. 1771.
Essays on song-writing. 1772.
Miscellaneous pieces in prose, by J. and A. Aikin. 1773.
Biographical memoirs of medicine in Great Britain. 1780.
A manual of materia medica. 1785.
Evenings at home: or the juvenile budget opened. With Anna Laetitia Barbauld. 6 vols, 1792-96.
General biography: or lives critical and historical. 10 vols, 1799-1815.
Biographical memoirs of medicine in Great Britain. 1780.
A sketch of the animal economy. 1781.
The calendar of nature; designed for the instruction and entertainment of young persons. 1785.
An address to the dissidents of England on their late defeat. 1790.
The spirit of the constitution and that of the Church of England compared. 1790.
Poems. 1791.
A view of the character and public services of the late John Howard. 1792.
Food for national penitence. 1793.
Letters from a father to a son. 1793.
A description ... of Manchester. 1795.
Monthly Museum. Editor, 1796-1807.
General biography. 1799-1815.
The arts of life. 1802.
The woodland companion. 1802.
Letters to a young lady on a course of English poetry. 1804.
Athenaeum, editor. 1807-09.
Vocal poetry, or, a select collection of English songs. 1810.
Annals of the reign of King George III. 2 vols, 1816.
Select works of the British poets, with biographical and critical prefaces. 1820.