William Parsons

(1764 ca.-1828)

William Parsons, born in Sussex, was the son of a flour-merchant. He lived in Chichester before journeying to Italy in 1784 where he met Robert Merry and the other Della Cruscans. Parsons contributed thirty poems to the Florence Miscellany (1785), traveled on the Continent, and enjoyed fashionable life in London.


1785Elegy written at Florence.
1785Ode to Sleep, written at Midnight.
1785On the Pleasures of Poetry.
1790Elegy, written at Rome, on visiting the Colosseo or Ampitheatre by Moon-light.
1795To Samuel Rogers Esq., Author of the Pleasures of Memory, on his ordering a short Great Coat called a Spenser.
1796An Ode to a Boy at Eton.


Elegy written at Florence. 1785.
Postscript by the author of the poem on the pleasures of poetry, which it is intended to burlesque. 1785.
Odes. 1786.
A poetical tour, in the years 1784, 1785, and 1786 by a member of the Arcadian Society at Rome. 1787.
An ode to a boy at Eton, with three sonnets, and one epigram. 1796.
Fidelity, or, love at first sight. A tale. With other poems. 1798.
Travelling recreations. By William Parsons, Esq. 2 vols, 1807.
Oakwood in Sussex. 1811.