Rev. Vicesimus Knox


The son of a Middlesex clergyman and master of Merchant Taylors' School, Vicesimus Knox was born at Newington Green, Middlesex; he studied under his father and at St John's College (B.A. and Fellow 1775, M.A. 1779, D.D.). He married the daughter of bookseller at Tunbridge Wells, where he became a noted headmaster at Tunbridge School (1781-1812). Knox was Rector of Runwell and Ramsden Crays, Essex, and chaplain of Shipbourne, Kent. A popular essayist, he upheld traditional principles in an age of reform. The volumes of his Elegant Extracts were used as school readers for many years.


1773Disquisitions on the merits of different Writers. [On the Fluctuation of Taste.]
1779On Some of the Minor Poets.
1789Elegant Extracts: Spenser's Fairy Queen.
1805Elegant Extracts: Spenser.


Essays moral and literary. 1778; 2 vols, 1779.
Liberal education, or a practical treatise. 1781.
Elegant extracts: or useful and entertaining passages in prose. 1784.
Winter evenings, or lucubrations on life and letters. 1788.
Elegant extracts. 2 vols, 1789.
Sermons, chiefly intended to promote faith, hope, and charity. 1792.
Personal nobility, or letters to a young nobleman on the conduct of his studies. 1793.
A narrative of transactions relative to a sermon. 1793.
The substance of a sermon, preached ... by ... Dr. Knox ... with an authentic account of the outrage committed upon that gentleman and his family. 1793.
Antipolemus [Erasmus, trans.] 1794.
Christian philosophy. 2 vols, 1795.
The spirit of despotism. 1795.
Considerations on the nature and necessity of the Lord's supper. 1799.
A sermon preached ... at a lecture preparatory to opening the chapel of the Philanthropic Society. 1807.
Elegant epistles. 1807.
Remarks on the tendency of certain clauses in a Bill now pending ... to degrade grammar schools. 1820.
The spirit of despotism. 1821.
The works ... with a biographical preface. 7 vols, 1824.