Rev. Samuel Hoole


The son of John Hoole, translator of Tasso, Samuel Hoole entered Magdalen College Oxford in 1780 at the late age of 22. He published several volumes of fashionable verse, but despite the efforts of Samuel Johnson and Thomas Percy, was not successful in obtaining patronage. In 1791 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Young, the agricultural writer, and afterwards Catherine Wainford, of Dorking in 1803, the year he was made Rector of Poplar, Middlesex (1803-39). The living was in the possession of the East India Company, where the senior Hoole was employed. Samuel Hoole died 26 February 1839.


1787Edward; or the Curate. A Poem.
1790Modern Manners. Letter XIV. Miss Harriet F. to Miss Kitty R.
1790To Cleora: before Marriage.


Modern manners; in a series of familiar epistles. 1782.
Aurelia, a poem. 1783.
Sermons. 1786; 1795.
Edward, or the curate: a poem. 1787.
Miscellaneous poems. 2 vols, 1790.
The select works of Leeuwenhock... translated. 1798, 1799.
A sermon preached ... before the volunteer corps of Poplar and Blackwell. 1803.
A sermon preached ... on the opening of the chapel at Poplar. 1804.
A sermon preached at the parish church of Poplar. 1823.
Discourses, etc. 1833.