Rev. Richard Polwhele


Richard Polwhele attended Truro School in Cornwall and Christ Church Oxford; he was curate of Kenton (1782) Vicar of Manaccen (1794), Anthony (1809) and Newlyn in Cornwall. As a young writer, Polwhele was encouraged by Hannah More, Catherine Macaulay, and John Wolcot; in middle age he was an associate of Hugh Downman and Richard Hole; later in life he corresponded with Walter Scott and Robert Southey. A prolific and at one time a very well-known writer, Polwhele, despite or because of his Tory and high church views never received preferment. He wrote a three-volume history of Devonshire, and contributed to the Gentleman's Magazine, British Critic, and Anti-Jacobin Review.


1777The Fate of Lewellyn; or the Druid's Sacrifice. A Legendary Tale.
1780An Epistle from an Under-Graduate at Oxford to his Friend in the Country, written in 1780.
1786On The Pastoral Idyllia.
1790Ode to the Spirit of Freshness.
1794The Pilchard-Seine: a Fragment.
1794The Village. Sunday-Eve.
1795The Ancient and Modern Patriot, contrasted.
1796A Swiss Scene.
1796Local Attachment. Book the Fifth.
1796Local Attachment. Book the Fourth.
1796Local Attachment. Book the Second.
1796Local Attachment. Book the Seventh.
1796Local Attachment. Book the Sixth.
1796Local Attachment. Book the Third.
1796Ode. The Genius of Danmonium.
1796The Banished Poet.
1796The Influence of Local Attachment with respect to Home.
1798Ellen and Danvert. A Tale.
1799Grecian Prospects. A Poem.
1800The Visitation of the Poets. In Eight Cantos. 1800.
1802Preface to Sir Aaron; or, the Flights of Fanaticism.
1802Sir Aaron; or, the Flights of Fanaticism. Canto I.
1802Sir Aaron; or, the Flights of Fanaticism. Canto II.
1802Sir Aaron; or, the Flights of Fanaticism. Canto III.
1813The Deserted Village School; a Poem.
1814The Minstrel: a Poem, in Five Books.
1815Isabel of Cotchele: Introduction to Canto I.
1821Stanzas written at Polwhele, near Truro, July 19, the Day of the Coronation.
1822 ca.The Fall of Constantinople; a Poem.


The fate of Lewellyn: or the Druid's sacrifice. 1777.
An ode to Mrs. Macaulay. 1777.
The spirit of Frazer to General Burgoyne: an ode. 1778.
The castle of Tintagel: an ode. nd.
The isle of poplars: an ode. 1782.
The art of eloquence. 1785.
An epistle from the Rev. William M—n to William Pitt. 1785.
The follies of Oxford; or cursory sketches on a university education. 1785.
Pictures from nature, in twelve sonnets: the lock transformed. 1785, 1786.
The English orator. A didactic poem. 1786, 1787.
Idyllia ... of Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus ... translated. 1786; 2 vols, 1788.
Poems. 1791.
Discourses on different subjects. 2 vols, 1791.
Poems chiefly by gentlemen of Devon and Cornwall, ed. Polwhele. 2 vols, 1792.
A discourse preached at the parish church of Kenton. 1793.
Historical views of Devonshire. 1793.
The history of Devonshire. 3 vols, 1793-1806.
Essays by a society of gentlemen at Exeter, ed. Polwhele. 1796.
The influence of local attachment: a poem. 1796.
Poetic trifles. 1796.
Sketches in verse with prose illustrations. 1796.
The old English gentleman: a poem. 1797.
The unsex'd females. 1798.
Grecian prospects. 1799.
Anecdotes of Methodism, to which is added a sermon. 1800.
A sermon preached at the assizes at Bodmin. 1801.
Illustrations of scriptural characters. 1802.
History of Cornwall. 3 vols, 1803; 7 vols, 1816.
A supplement to the first and second books of the History of Cornwall. 1804.
The civil and military history of Cornwall. 1804.
The history of Cornwall. 1806.
The language, literature and literary characters of Cornwall. 1806.
Poems. 3 vols, 1806.
A Cornish-English vocabulary. 1808; 1836.
The family-picture, or domestic education: a poetic epistle. 1808.
Poems. 5 vols, 1810.
Sermons ... a new volume. 1810.
The deserted village school. 1812.
The fair Isabel of Cotehele: a Cornish romance. 1815.
An essay on evidence from scripture. 1819.
The enthusiasm of Methodists [Livingstone, ed. Polwhele]. 1820.
An essay on marriage, adultery, and divorce. 1823.
Epistle to an archdeacon. 1824.
Outlines of four sermons. 1824.
Traditions and recollections, domestic, clerical, and literary. 2 vols, 1826.
Biographical sketches in Cornwall. 3 vols, 1831.
The rural rector. 3 vols, 1831.
Floral offerings. 1832.
Letters of Sir Walter Scott addressed to the Rev. Richard Polwhele. 1832.
A letter from the Rev. R. Polwhele to the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter. 1834.
Reminiscences in prose and verse. 3 vols, 1836.
Two letters to the Bishop of Exeter and Canon W. L. Bowles. 1836.