Granville Penn


Granville Penn, a grandson of the Quaker William Penn, attended Magalen College Oxford without taking a degree. He worked as a clerk in the War Department, for which he was awarded a substantial pension. Penn lived in London before succeeding to the family estate of Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire upon the death of his brother John Penn Esq. in 1834. He published translations from the ancient languages and a variety of theological and scientific works on esoteric subjects.


1812Lines to Harold.


The British lion, or, Britain's value asserted at the present juncture. 1797.
Critical remarks on Isaiah. 1799.
Remarks on the Eastern origination of mankind, and of the arts of cultivated life. 1799.
The policy and interest of Great Britain, with respect to Malta, summarily considered. 1805.
The bioscope, or dial of life, explained: to which is added, a translation of St. Paulinus's epistle to Celantia, on the rule of Christian life. 1812.
A Christian's survey of all the primary events and periods of the world from the commencement of history to the conclusion of prophecy. 1812.
Lines to Harold. 1812.
The prophecy of Ezekiel concerning Gogue, the last tyrant of the Church, his invasion of Ros, his discomfiture, and final fall; examined and in part illustrated. 1814.
Original lines and translations. 1815.
Institutes of Christian perfection, of Macarius the Egyptian, called the Great [trans. Penn]. 1816.
Moral odes of Horace [trans. Penn.] 1816.
An examination of the primary argument of the Iliad. 1821.
Supplement to the comparative estimate of the mineral and Mosaical geologies: relating chiefly to the geological indications of the phenomena of the cave at Kirkdale. 1823.
Conversations on geology: comprising a familiar explanation of the Huttonian and Wernian systems: the Mosaic geology. 1828.
Memorials of the professional life and times of Sir William Penn, Knt. admiral and general of the fleet, during the Interregnum; admiral, and commissioner of the admiralty and navy. 2 vols, 1833.
Annotations to the book of the New Covenant : with an expository preface. 1837.
Supplemental annotations to the book of the New Covenant: with a brief exposure of the structures of the theological reviewer for July 1837. 1838.