Joseph Cooper Walker

(1761-1810 )

Joseph Cooper Walker was a noted Irish antiquary and student of Italian literature who corresponded with a number of British scholars, including Thomas Warton. Henry John Todd acknowledges his assistance in the Variorum Spenser: "The information from Dublin has been most obligingly transmitted to me by Joseph Cooper Walker, Esq. accompanied with many remarks of peculiar elegance and propriety; as indeed might be expected from a gentleman, who has so ably illustrated the literature of Ireland and Italy" (1805) 1: preface. Walker was patronized by Bishop Percy, who later reacted bitterly when his protege failed to defend the Reliques against Joseph Ritson's ridicule.


1786Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards.
1805[Note on Spenser's Amoretti.]


Historical memoirs of the Irish bards, interspersed with anecdotes of, and occasional observations on the music of Ireland. 1786.
An historical essay on the dress of the ancient and modern Irish; to which is subjoined a memoir on the armour and weapons of the Irish. 1788.
Outline of a plan for promoting the art of painting in Ireland. 1790.
Historical memoir on Italian tragedy, from the earliest period to the present time. 1799.
An historical and critical essay on the revival of the drama in Italy. 1805.
Memoirs of Alessandro Tassoni. 1815.