Rev. Luke Booker


Luke Booker, a prolific publisher of poems and sermons, was rector of Tedstone-de-la-Mere, Herefordshire (1806) and vicar of Dudley, Worcestershire (1812). Late in life he edited Poetical Blossoms by Spenserian poet Robert Millhouse (1823).


1785Hymn to the Moon: written by Moonlight.
1785The Seasons. A Pastoral.
1788Hymn to Providence, written during the King's Indisposition.
1789Ode inscribed to Mr. and Mrs. —, on the Anniversary of their Wedding-Day.
1789Ode on a Distant Prospect of Nottingham after a long Absence.
1789Stanzas, written on the Recovery of the King.
1789The Ruin.
1803Calista; or a Picture of Modern Life; a Poem.


The highlanders a poem. 1778.
Poems on subjects sacred, moral, and entertaining. 2 vols, 1785.
A sermon, preached in the parish church of old Swinford, Worcestershire. 1788.
Miscellaneous poems. 1789.
A sermon, preached at St. Edmund's church, in Dudley; and published for the purpose of erecting a monument. 1791.
Britain's happiness; an assize sermon ... exhibiting an historical review of providential interpositions in favour of the British Empire. 1792.
A sermon preached in the parish church of St. Thomas; at Dudley ... and an address to the common people, &c. on the subject of riots. 1793.
Sermons on various subjects. 1793.
Malvern, a descriptive and historical poem. 1798.
The hop-garden, a didactic poem. 1799.
A discourse, (addressed chiefly to parents) on the duty and advantages of inoculating children. 1802.
Calista; or, a picture of modern life. 1803.
Poems. 1803.
Tobias, a poem. 1805.
A moral review of the conduct and case of Mary Ashford, in refutation of the arguments adduced in defence of her supposed violator and murderer. 1818.
The foundations of a kingdom endangered by iniquity, and its ruin prevented by righteousness. 1820.
Euthanasia; or, the state of man after death. 1822.
A descriptive and historical account of Dudley Castle, and its surrounding scenery; with graphic illustrations. 1825.
Tributes to the dead, consisting of ... epitaphs. 1830.
The champion of Cyrus: a drama. 1831.
The springs of Plynlimmon: a poem. 1834.