George Colman the Younger


The son of the dramatist of the same name, George Colman was born in London, where he studied at Westminster School (1772) before attending Christ Church Oxford (1779). Concerned about his behavior, his father sent him to King's College Aberdeen (1781). Returning to London, Colman took over the management of the Haymarket Theater from his father and became the most successful playwright of his age. He was friendly with George IV, who appointed him examiner of plays (1824-36).


1812The Lady of the Wreck, or Castle Blarneygig.
1816The Luminous Historian; or Learning in Love.


Two to one. 1785.
A Turk and no Turk (songs only). 1785.
Inkle and Yarico. 1788.
Ways and means: or a trip to Dover. 1788.
The battle of Hexham. 1790.
The surrender of Calais: a play. 1792.
Poor old Haymarket, or two sides of the gutter: a prelude. 1792.
The mountaineers: a play. 1794.
New Hay at the old market: an occasional drama. 1795.
The iron chest: a play. 1796.
My night-gown and slippers or taIks in verse. 1797.
Blue Beard: or female curiosity: a dramatick romance. 1798.
Feudal times, or the banquet-gallery: a drama. 1799.
The heir at law. 1800.
The review: or the wags of Windsor. 1801.
Broad grins: comprising with additional tales those published under the title of My nightgown and slippers. 1802.
John Bull: or the Englishman's fireside. 1803.
Love laughs at locksmiths: an operatic farce. 1803.
Who wants a guinea? 1805.
The poor gentleman. 1806.
We fly by night or long stories: an opera farce. 1806.
Blue devils. 1808.
The Africans, or love, war and duty: a musical drama. 1808.
The gay deceivers, or more laugh than love: an operatic farce. 1808.
Poetical vagaries. 1812.
Vagaries vindicated: or hypocritick hypercriticks. 1813.
Eccentricities for Edinburgh. 1816.
Posthumous papers relative to the proportionate shares of authorship to be attributed to the elder Colman and Garrick. 1820.
XYZ. 1820.
Posthumous letters addressed to Francis Colman and George Colman the elder, with annotations by George Colman the younger. 1820.
Dramatic works. 4 vols, 1827.
Random records. 2 vols, 1830.
Poetical works. 1840.
Broad grins, my night-gown and slippers and other humorous works, with life and anecdotes of the author, ed. G. B. Buckstone. 1872.
Dramatic works. 2 vols, 1981.