Alexander Thomson


Alexander Thomson was a minor, if prolific, Scottish poet who at the time of his early death was at work on a history of Scottish poetry. William Anderson reports that Thomson was at work on an edition of Gray with a "perpetual commentary" British Poets (1795). There is an entry for Thomson in the general index of Brydges's Censura Literaria, but apparently no article.


1788The Choice.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto I. The Library.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto II. The Vision.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto III. The Garden of Beauty.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto IV. The Vale of Pity.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto V. The House of Ridicule.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto VI. The Mountain of Sublimity.
1796Paradise of Taste. Canto VII. The Island of Fancy.
1796The Paradise of Taste: Preface.
1797Situation of Shakspeare, in the Island of Fancy.
1801The British Parnassus, at the Close of the Eighteenth Century.


The choice [a poem]. 1788.
Whist: a poem in twelve cantos. 1791.
Essay on novels: a poetical epistle addressed to an ancient and a modern bishop. 1793.
The German miscellany: consisting of drama, dialogues, tales, and novels, translated. 1796.
The paradise of taste. 1796.
The East Indian, a comedy, translated [Kotzbue, translated Thomson]. 1799.
Pictures of poetry; historical, biographical, and critical. 1799.
The British Parnassus, at the close of the eighteenth century, a poem. 1801.
Sonnets, odes, and elegies. 1801.