Isaac D'Israeli


The son of a Venetian merchant, Isaac D'Israeli studied at Enfield school and in Amsterdam and Leyden. Upon his return to England he lived in Exeter where he knew Hugh Downman and became a prolific writer of popular essays. He corresponded with Vicesimus Knox and was a participant, with Bowles, Byron, and Campbell, in the Pope controversy. At a time when literary histories of English literature were few, D'Israeli's famous anecdotal collections were important conduits through which knowledge of literary history reached a broad readership. He was the father of Benjamin Disraeli, the novelist and politician.


1790A Defence of Poetry.
1791On the use of the Pagan Mythology in Poetry.
1791The Living Language.
1793Poet Laureate.
1794The Poets Laureat.
1796On French and English Poetry, and on Some French Words.
1820Spence's Anecdotes of Books and Men.


A defence of poetry. 1790.
Curiosities of Literature. 1791.
Eighty-nine fugitive fables. 1792.
A dissertation on anecdotes. 1793.
Domestic anecdotes of the French nation. 1794.
An essay on the manners and genius of the literary character. 1795.
Miscellanies, or literary recreations. 1796, 1801.
Vaurien: or sketches of the times. 2 vols, 1797.
Mejnoun and Leila: the Arabian Petrarch and Laura. 1797.
Romances. 1799, 1801, 1807.
The loves of Mejnoun and Leila. 1800.
Narrative poems. 1803.
Flim flams! or the life and errors of my uncle, and the amours of my aunt! with an illuminating index! 3 vols, 1805.
Despotism: or the fall of the Jesuits. 2 vols, 1811.
Calamities of authors: including some inquiries respecting their moral and literary characters. 2 vols, 1812.
Quarrels of authors: or some memoirs for our literary history. 3 vols, 1814.
An inquiry into the literary and political character of James I. 1816.
Psyche. 1823?
Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles the First, King of England. 5 vols, 1828-31.
Eliot, Hampden, and Pym. 1832.
Genius of Judaism. 1833.
The illustrator illustrated. 1838.
Miscellanies of literature. 1840.
Amenities of Literature: consisting of sketches and characters of English literature. 2 vols, 1841.
A letter from I. D'Israeli to C. P. Cooper. 1857.
Works, ed. Benjamin Disraeli. 7 vols, 1859.