Rev. Thomas Dudley Fosbroke


Thomas Dudley Fosbroke (or Fosbrooke) was the son of William Fosbrooke of Middlesex; after St. Paul's School, he entered Pembroke College Oxford in 1785, aged 15 (B.A. 1789, M.A. 1792). He was F.S.A. (1799), Curate of Horsley, Gloucestershire (1794-1810), and Vicar of Walford, Herefordshire (1830-42). Fosbroke wrote several picturesque tours and contributed scores of items to the Gentleman's Magazine; the best-known of his many antiquarian endeavors was British Monachism (1802).


1796The Economy of Monastic Life, a Poem.
1796 ca.The Triumphs of Vengeance; or the Count of Julian. An Ode. In the Manner of Gray.
1817The Red Man. An Ode, in the Manner of Gray and Collins.


Poetical essays by a young gentleman of the University. 1786.
The economy of monastic life ... a poem. 1798.
History of British monachism. 2 vols, 1802.
Abstracts of records and manuscripts respecting the county of Gloucester; formed into a history. 2 vols, 1807.
The Wye tour, or Gilpin on the Wye. 1818.
The character and origin of freemasonry. A sermon. 1819.
An original history of the city of Gloucester. 1819.
Berkeley manuscripts: abstracts and extracts of Smyth's life of the Berkeleys. 1821.
Encyclopedia of antiquities. 1824.
A picturesque and topographical account of Cheltenham. 1826.
The tourist's grammar; or, rules, relating to the scenery and antiquities incident to travellers. 1826.
Foreign topography. 1828.
Choir-service vindicated. A sermon. 1829.
A treatise on the arts, manufactures, manners, and institutions of the Greeks and Romans. 1830.
Letters of Thomas Dudley Fosbroke, ed. Roland Austin. 1914.