Thomas Dermody


Thomas Dermody, literary adventurer, was born at Ennis, County Clare, the son of a schoolmaster. He ran away from home, studied with Samuel Whyte in Dublin, and under the patronage of the Countess of Moira for two years with Henry Boyd. Refusing to go to college and getting into financial difficulties, he served as second lieutenant and was wounded. He then published poetry in London, where he found patronage from Sir James Bland Burges and a degree of fame before his early death, apparently of consumption. Dermody's remarkable early poems, some written before the age of twelve, were admired by Coleridge and Southey.


1785Corydon. A Monody.
1789Contemplative Verses on the Tombs in Drumcondra Church-Yard.
1789Ode to Terror.
1790 ca.Autumn.
1790 ca.Duranius and Durania. A Fairy Tale.
1791The Winter's Night.
1792Memory, a Poem.
1792Sonnet to the Rev. Mr. Sterling.
1792Sonnet, to Sleep.
1792Sonnet. ["Why weep the tenants of yon shatter'd grove?"]
1792To the right honourable the Countess of Moira.
1795The Retrospect: a Poem.
1798The Shepherd's Complaint: a Pastoral.
1800 ca.Biographical Notice of William Browne, an old English Poet.
1800 ca.Farewell to Care.
1800 ca.Farewell to Joy.
1800 ca.Prince Serapin, or the Enchanted Hind.
1800 ca.The Cave of Ignorance, in Two Cantos.
1800 ca.The Cave of Patronage.
1800 ca.The Coffee House.
1800 ca.The Progress of Pedantry.
1800The Pursuit of Patronage: a Poetical Epistle.
1800 ca.The Vanity of Hope.
1800 ca.The Vision of Fancy.
1801Lines on reading Richard the First, a Poem, by Sir James Bland Burges, Bart.
1801Review of Sir James Bland Burges's Richard the First.
1802Elegiac Stanzas.
1802Hymn to Autumn.
1802Sonnet, to a Blackbird.
1802The Enthusiast.
1802The Extravaganza; a Poem, on the Old English Model.
1802The Pleasures of Poetry. In Spenser's Stanza.
1802The Powers of Painting.


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