Margaret Holford


Margaret Holford of Chester was the daughter of the playwright and poet Margaret Holford (fl. 1785-1814). Holford contributed to Richard Alfred Davenport's Poetical Register, where she may have been introduced by Anna Seward. For a time a popular writer, she was a friend of Joanna Baillie and apparently Reginald Heber. In 1826 she married Septimus Hodson (1768-1833), chaplain to the Prince of Wales. Robert Southey spent a week with the Hodsons in 1829.


1802Ode to Time.
1803Experience to the Poet.
1805Ode to Genius. Written in the Year 1805. Inscribed to the Young Roscius.
1809To Miss Gertrude Louisa Allen.
1811Dedication. To my Mother.
1811Lines in imitation of the Style of Beattie's Minstrel.
1819 ca.Lines suggested by a Portrait of the unfortunate Queen of France.
1819The Past.
1819To Mrs. *. *******. On receiving from her a beautiful Sketch of Lake Scenery, the Production of her own Pencil.


Elegiac ode, to the memory of Lieut.-Colonel Vassall. 1808.
Wallace; or the fight of Falkirk. 1809, 1810.
Poems. 1811.
Margaret of Anjou; a poem in ten cantos. 1816.
The past, &c. [poems]. 1819.
Memoir of the Life of Lieutenant-Colonel Vassall. 1819.
Warbeck of Wolfstein. 3 vols, 1820.
Italian stories. Translated by Miss Holford. 1823.
Lines to the memory of ... G. H. Walker. 1832?