James Kirke Paulding


Born in New York, James Kirke Paulding was raised in Tarrytown, where he befriend Washington Irving with whom he collaborated on Salmagundi (1807-08). Paulding was a member of the Board of Navy Commissioners (1815-23) and later secretary of the Navy (1838-41). He published burlesques, novels, and histories.


1807To Lancelot Langstaff, Esq.
1813The Lay of the Scottish Fiddle.


Salmagundi or, The whim-whams and opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, esq. [with Washington Irving]. 1807.
The beauties of Brother Bull-us. 1812.
The diverting history of John Bull and Brother Jonathan. 1812.
Jokeby, a burlesque on Rokeby: a poem in six cantos. 1813.
The lay of the Scottish fiddle: a tale of Havre de Grace. 1813.
The United States and England. 1815.
Letters from the South, written during an excursion in the summer of 1816. 1817.
The backwoodsman: a poem. 1818.
Salmagundi. Second series. 1819-20.
A sketch of old England. 1822.
Koningsmarke, the long Finne a story of the new world. 2 vols, 1823.
John Bull in America; or the new Munchausen. 1825.
The merry tales of the three wise men of Gotham. 1826.
The new mirror for travellers and guide to the Springs. 1828.
Tales of the good woman. 1829.
Chronicles of the City of Gotham from the papers of a retired common councilman. 1830.
The lion of the west. 1830.
Childe Roeliff's pilgrimage, and other tales. 1834.
Letters from the South. 2 vols, 1835.
The Book of St. Nicholas. 1836.
Slavery in the United States. 1836.
The Dutchman's fireside: a tale. 1831.
Westward Ho: a tale. 2 vols, 1832.
A life of Washington. 2 vols, 1835.
A gift from fairy land. 1838.
The old Continental, or, The price of liberty. 2 vols, 1846.
The Bucktails; or, Americans in England. 1847.
The Puritan and his daughter. 2 vols, 1849.
Letters of James Kirke Paulding. 1962.