Horace Smith


With his elder brother James (1775-1839) Horace Smith became famous for the collection of parodies, Rejected Addresses (1812). Employed as a clerk, he began his literary career by collaborating with the elderly dramatist Richard Cumberland on several Tory periodicals. Later, as a member of Leigh Hunt's circle, Smith knew Shelley and Keats, worked with Thomas Campbell on The New Monthly Magazine, and contributed prose and verse to the London Magazine. James Smith was solicitor to the Board of Ordnance and the senior partner in the imitations of Horace.


1808Horace in London. Book III. Ode 16.
1812Cui bono? By Lord B.
1813Ode XV. The Parthenon. On the Dilapidation of the Temple of Minerva at Athens.


The runaway: or the seat of benevolence. 4 vols, 1800.
Trevanion: or matrimonial errors. 4 vols, 1801.
Horatio: or memoirs of the Davenport family. 1807.
Rejected addresses: or the new theatrum poetarum. 1812.
First impressions, or trade in the West: a comedy. 1813.
Horace in London: consisting of imitations of the first two books of the Odes of Horace. 1813.
Amarynthus the nympholept: a pastoral drama, with other poems. 1821.
Gaieties and gravities: a series of essays, comic tales, and fugitive vagaries. 3 vols, 1825.
The Tor hill. 3 vols, 1826.
Brambletye House: or cavaliers and roundheads. 3 vols, 1826.
Reuben Apsley. 3 vols, 1827.
Zillah: a tale of the Holy City. 4 vols, 1828.
The New Forest: a novel. 3 vols, 1829.
The midsummer medley for 1830: a series of comic tales. 3 vols, 1830.
Walter Colyton: a tale of 1688. 3 vols, 1830.
Festivals, games and amusements, ancient and modern. 1831.
Tales of the early ages. 3 vols, 1832.
Fale Middleton: a story of the present day. 3 vols, 1833.
The involuntary prophet: a tale of the early ages. 1835.
The tin trumpet: or heads and tales. 2 vols, 1836.
Jame Lomax: or a mother's crime. 3 vols, 1838.
Oliver Cromwell: an historical romance. 3 vols, 1840.
Memoirs, letters, and comic miscellanies [James Smith, ed. Horace Smith]. 2 vols, 1840.
The moneyed man: or the lesson of a life. 3 vols, 1841.
Massaniello: a historical romance. 3 vols, 1842.
Adam Brown: the merchant. 3 vols, 1843.
Arthur Arundel: a tale of the English revolution. 3 vols, 1844.
Love and Mesmerism. 3 vols, 1845.
Poetical works. 2 vols, 1846.
Poems. 1889.