Edward Quillinan


Edward Quillinan was born in Portugal of Irish parents; he served in the cavalry during the Peninsular War, published poetry and fought duels, and in 1821 settled near Wordsworth at Ambleside. Quillinan wrote for Blackwood's Magazine and other periodicals; he was a friend of Charles Lamb, and married a daughter of Sir Egerton Brydges who was killed in a fire in 1822. In 1841 Quillinan married Wordsworth's daughter, Dora. Most of his poems were privately printed in small editions.


1814Oft, in romantic Fantasy of Thought.
1814To Miss Charlotte N * * *.
1820Stanzas written at Sudeley Castle. Addressed to Sir E. B.
1820Sudeley Castle.


Ball-room votaries. 1810.
Dunluce castle: a poem, ed. Sir Egerton Brydges. 1814.
Stanzas by the author of Dunluce Castle. 1814.
Consolation: a poem addressed to Lady Brydges. 1815.
Monthermer: a poem. 1815.
The sacrifice of Isabel: a poem. 1816.
Verses, addressed to Lady Brydges, in memory of her son. 1816.
Elegiac verses, addressed to a lady. 1817.
Miscellaneous poems. 1820.
Wood cuts and verses, edited with a preface. 1820.
The retort courteous. 1821.
Carmina Brugensia: domestic poems, ed. Sir Egerton Brydges. 1822.
The King: the lay of "a papist." 1829.
The conspirators, or the romance of military life. 3 vols, 1841.
The lusiad books I-V [Camoens, trans.] 1853.
Poems, with a memoir by William Johnston. 1853.