Hugh Campbell

(1790 ca.-1826 fl.)

I have not identified Hugh Campbell., antiquary and poet. In a poem published in The Sun newspaper he is termed "Hugh Campbell, Master R.N. LL.D. F.A.S."


1817The Wanderer in Ayrshire: a Tour, in search of Public Spirit.
1821Stanzas on the Birth of the Heir of Anglesea. (By an Antiquary.)
1821Stanzas, written on seeing the royal Squardon off Portland, on its way to Ireland.
1822Stanzas, to Miss Paton, on her successful Debut at Covent-Garden Theatre, October 19, 1822.


The wanderer in Ayrshire: a tour, in search of public spirit. 1817.
Ossiano: being an attempt to ascertain the battle fields of Fingal in Ulster by the analogy of names and places mentioned in Ossian's poems. 1818.
A letter to the Hon. Baron Graham
on being ordered out of court unheard, by his lordship at the request of the defendent's counsel, in the case of the King against Milnes, for a rape. 1819.
A letter to William Wilberforce, Esq., M.P., on the depravity of the times, and a plan for its prevention. 1820.
The poems of Ossian, ed. Campbell. 1822.
Dissent from the resolution of the Court of Directors of the 20th July 1825: under which certain documents were added to the collection of Oude papers. 1824.
The love letters of Mary, Queen of Scots, to James, Earl of Bothwell;
with her love sonnets and marriage contracts. 1824.
The case of Mary Queen of Scots, and of Elizabeth Queen of England, legally, briefly, and historically stated. 1825.
The fruits of faith, or, Musing sinner: with elegies and other moral poems. 1825.
The birth of Bruce, or, Countess of Carrick: a tale of duty and love. 1826.