Chandos Leigh


Chandos Leigh was educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford. After travel on the Continent he formed acquaintances at Holland House and began publishing a long series of poetical volumes. After his marriage in 1819 he pursued a more retired life at the family estate at Stoneleigh Abbey. Raised to the peerage in 1839 as baron Leigh of Stoneleigh, he retained his interest in poetry and with Mary Shelley patronized Leigh Hunt (who was named for his father). Lord Leigh's title was unsuccessfully challenged, Stoneleigh Abbey was broken into, and in 1848 he and his mother were accused of destroying evidence and murdering witnesses. The charges were dismissed and the poet won a libel suit against his accusers.


1816On Kenilworth Castle.
1816On Poetry.
1816On the Death of General Ross.
1816The Lament. Written after seeing Timon of Athens performed at Drury-Lane Theatre, 1816.
1816The World as it is.
1816To the Same [Miss Foote]. On her Performance of Statira in the Tragedy of Alexander the Great.
1816Verses written on seeing a beautiful Girl walking on the Banks of the Avon. The Elysium of Illustrious Beauties.
1817Dedicatory Stanzas to Mary.
1818Dives Loquitur. In imitation of a great Poet.
1819The View.
1820True Love.
1824Lines to the Memory of the illustrious Canova.
1824Stanzas addressed to the Sea. Written in August, 1824.
1824The Queen of Golconda's Fete.
1828Fourth Epistle to a Friend in Town.


The island of love, a dream. 1812.
Trifles light as air. 1813.
Juvenile poems. 1815.
An epistle to Emma (To a skull converted into a drinking bowl). 1816.
Fragments of essays. 1816.
Verses. 1816.
Juvenile poems, and other pieces. 1817.
Dedicatory stanzas to Mary. 1818.
Poesy; a satire, with other poems. 1818.
The View. 1819.
The view, and other poems. 1820.
A short discourse on natural and revealed religion. 1821.
The view, and other poems. 2nd edition, 1822.
Sylva: poems on several occasions. 1823.
Second letter to a friend in town and other poems. 1824.
A third letter to a friend in town &c. 1825.
Epistles to a friend in town, Golconda's fete, and other poems. 1826.
Fourth epistle to a friend in town, and other poems. 1830.
The spirit of the age. 1832.
Tracts written in the years 1823 & 1828. By C. L., esq. 1832.
Fifth epistle to a friend in town ... and other poems. 1835.
Poland. 1836.
Poems, now first collected. 1839.
Poems. 1840.
A vision. Allegorical. 1840.
Supplementary verses by Lord Leigh. 1841.
Thoughts at Whitsuntide, and other poems. 1842.
Supplementary verses. 1843.
Walks in the country. 1844.
Minor poems. 1850.