Felicia Hemans


Born in Liverpool and raised in Wales, Felicia Brown published her first volume of poems when she was fifteen years old. She married Captain Alfred Hemans in 1812; her separation from her husband in 1818 aroused considerable attention and sympathy. Mrs. Hemans corresponded about philosophy with Shelley and Bishop Heber and was on familiar terms with Scott and Wordsworth. Later in life she enjoyed considerable celebrity as a poet, especially in the United States. She left Wales for Liverpool in 1828 and spent her last years in ill health in Dublin where she lived with her brother.


1817Modern Greece. A Poem.
1817On the Death of the Princess Charlotte.
1820Stanzas to the Memory of the Late King.
1820 ca.Superstition and Revelation, an unfinished Poem.
1822On the View of Delphi.
1823Belshazzar's Feast.
1823The Last Constantine.
1823The League of the Alps; or, the Meeting on the Field of Grutli.
1825The Forest Sanctuary.
1825The Forest Sanctuary. Part Second.
1828 ca.[Imitations of our Standard Authors.]


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