William Cullen Bryant


The son of a surgeon, William Cullen Bryant was born in Cummington, Massachusetts and studied for a year at Williams College (1810-11) before reading for the the law (1811-14). Bryant practiced until 1825, when he moved to New York and edited the New York Review and Athenaeum Magazine (1825) and Evening Post (1828-78). Bryant has been described as the "father of American poetry."


1821The Ages.
1821[A Walk at Sunset.]
1824After the Tempest.
1824The Old Man's Funeral.


The embargo, or, sketches of the times: a satire. 1808.
The embargo and other poems. 1809.
Thanatopsis. 1816.
Poems. 1821.
Poems. 1832, 1836, 1850.
Tales of Glauber-Spa. 2 vols, 1832.
Selections from the American poets. 1840.
Popular considerations on homeopathia. 1841.
The fountain, and other poems. 1842.
The white-footed deer, and other poems. 1844.
The Berkshire Jubilee [ed. Bryant]. 1845.
A funeral oration, occasioned by the death of Thomas Cole. 1848.
Letters of a traveller. 1850.
Reminiscences of the Evening Post. 1851.
Discourse on the life and genius of Cooper. 1852.
Poems. 2 vols, 1855.
Letters of a traveller, second series. 1859.
A discourse on the life, character, and genius of Washington Irving. 1860.
Hymns. 1864, 1869.
Thirty poems. 1864.
Letters from the East. 1869.
A discourse on the life, character, and writings of Verplanck. 1870.
The Illiad and the Odyssey [trans. Bryant]. 1870-72.
Library of poetry and song. 1871.
Poems. 1871.
Picturesque America [ed. Bryant and Oliver B. Bunce]. 2 vols, 1872-74.
Orations and addreses. 1873.
Poems. 3 vols, 1875.
Poems. 1876.
A popular history of the United States. 4 vols, 1876-81.
Poetical works, prose writings, ed. Parke Godwin. 4 vols, 1883-84.
Complete works of Shakespeare [ed. Bryant and Evert A. Duyckinck]. 25 vols, 1888.
Letters, ed. William Cullen Bryant II and Thomas G. Voss. 1975- .