Anna Brownell Jameson


Mrs. Jameson was the eldest daughter of the Irish miniature painter D. Brownell Murphy, who moved with his family to England in 1798. At the age of sixteen she became a governess in the family of the Marquis of Winchester, the first of several such positions. She toured France and Italy as a governess, leading to the publication of A Lady's Diary in 1826. The previous year she married (unhappily) Robert Jameson, afterwards speaker and attorney-general of the province of Toronto. Her biographical memoirs and works on sacred art were very successful, some republished into the twentieth century.


1829Spenser's Rosalind and Spenser's Elizabeth.


A first or mother's dictionary for children. 1825?
The diary of an ennuyee. 1826.
The loves of the poets. 2 vols, 1829.
Memoires of celebrated female sovereigns. 2 vols, 1831.
Characteristics of women, moral, poetical, and historical [Shakespeare's Heroines]. 2 vols, 1832.
Beauties of the court of Charles the second. 1833.
Visits and sketches at home and abroad. 4 vols, 1834.
The romance of biography: or memoirs of women loved and celebrated by the poets. 2 vols, 1837.
Sketches of Germany. 1837.
Winter studies and summer rambles in Canada. 3 vols, 1838.
Memoires of the early Italian painters and of the progress of painting in Italy from Cimabue to Bassanto. 2 vols, 1845.
Memoirs and essays, illustrative of art, literature and social morals. 1846.
Sacred and legendary art. 2 vols, 1848.
Legends of the monastic orders as represented in the fine arts. 1850.
A commonplace book of thoughts, memories, and fancies. 1854.
Sisters of charity, Catholic and Protestant, abroad and at home. 1855.
The communion of labour: a second lecture on the social employments of women. 1856.
The history of our Lord as exemplified in works of art [completed by Lady Eastlake]. 2 vols, 1864.
Jameson's works. 10 vols, 1885, 1900-1911.