Catherine Grace Godwin


Catherine Grace Garnett was the second daughter of Dr. Thomas Garnett (1766-1802), an eminent physician and friend of Humphry Davys. Her mother died giving birth to her, Christmas-day 1798. Godwin was educated by a family friend, living in retirement in the Parish of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland. Her first volume attracted the attention of Wordsworth, who permitted her to dedicate her next volume to him. The same year she married Thomas Godwin, Esq., of the East India Company. Living in retirement, she corresponded with her neighbors, Southey and Wordsworth, and contributed to the annuals. Godwin accompanied her husband on a continental tour in the summer of 1844. Failing to regain her health, she died the following year.


1829Ancient Cities.
1829Introduction to The Wanderer's Legacy.
1829The Monk of Camaldoli.


The night before the bridal, a Spanish tale. Sappho, a dramatic sketch, and other poems. 1824.
Reine Canziana: a tale of modern Greece. 1825.
The wanderer's legacy a collection of poems, on various subjects. 1829.
The reproving angel: a vision. 1835.
Esther More: or, truth is wisdom. 1836.
Basil Harlow, or, prodigality is not generosity. 1836.
Cousin Kate, or the punishment of pride. 1836.
Alicia Grey; or, to be useful is to be happy. 1837.
Josephine, or early trials. 1837.
Louisa Seymour, or hasty impression. 1837.
Scheming; a tale. 1838.
The poetical works of the late Catherine Grace Godwin. 1854.