Robert Shelton Mackenzie


The son of an army officer, Robert Shelton Mackenzie was born in County Limerick and educated at a school at Fermoy in Cork. He worked as an apothecary's apprentice, opened a school, published poetry, and edited a newspaper. Mackenzie studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin, but did not practice. After 1830 he emigrated to London where he wrote for the London Magazine. In 1834 he was awarded the degree of LL.D. at Glasgow. In 1852 he emigrated to the United States, acting as literary editor for the New York Times before settling in Philadelphia in 1857. Mackenzie published under the pseudonym "Sholto."


1827A Lay to the Departed.


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Mornings at Matlock. 1850.
Titian. A romance of Venice. 3 vols, 1843.
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Miscellaneous writings of the late Dr. Maginn, ed. Mackenzie. 5 vols, 1855-57.
The life of the Right Honorable John Philpot Curran, late master of the rolls in Ireland. 1855.
Tressilian and his friends. 1859.
Life of Charles Dickens. 1870.
Sir Walter Scott: the story of his life. 1871.