Sir Charles Abraham Elton


Charles Abraham Elton, the only son of the Rev. Sir Abraham Elton , fifth Baronet, was educated at Eton College. He left at the age of fifteen to take a commission in the 48th Foot. He later served as a captain in Holland and Colonel of the Somerset Militia. Elton translated Greek and Roman poets, contributed to the Edinburgh Review and London Magazine (as "Olen" and "An Idler"), and was active in Whig politics before spending his latter years in retirement at Clevedon Court, Somesetshire.


1810The Duke's Feast.
1810The Hound and the Falcon.
1810The Knight and the Lion.
1821Horace's Ode to the Bandusian Fountain.


Poems. 1804.
Habington's Castara, with a preface and notes [ed. Elton}. 1812.
Remains of Hesiod, trans. Elton. 1812.
Tales of romance with other poems, including selections from Propertius. 1810.
Specimens of the classic poets, trans. Elton. 3 vols, 1814.
The brothers, a monody. 1820.
Plea for the Nazarenes. 1820.
A history of the Roman emperors, from the accession of Augustus to the fall of the last Constantine. 1825.
Elton versus Elton, or Mr. Elton's "Second thoughts" answered by his first: being remarks on his reasons for returning to the Church of England. 1828.
Hesiod ... Bion and Moschus, trans. Elton. 1832.
Boyhood, with other poems and translations. 1835.