Melesina Chenevix Trench


Born in Dublin, Melesina Chenevix was raised by her grandfathers, the bishop of Waterford and the Archdeacon Gervais. She married Colonel Richard St. George in 1786; after his death in 1788 she lived in seclusion with her first child before traveling in Germany in 1797 and 1800. In 1802 she resided in Paris, where the following year she married Richard Trench, for whose release she later negotiated with Napoleon. Trench published poems and travel writings. Her Remains were edited by her son, Richard Chenevix Trench, dean of Westminster, archbishop of Dublin and a friend of Tennyson.


1804The Birth of Calumny.
1815Campaspe, an Historical Tale.
1816Laura's Dream; or, The Moonlanders.
1820 ca.[Untitled Stanzas.]


Mary Queen of Scots, an historical ballad; with other poems. 1800.
A few words on the subject of the slave trade, addressed to English women. 1814.
Campaspe, an historical tale; and other poems. 1815.
Ellen: a ballad: founded on a recent fact. And other poems. 1815.
Laura's dream; or, The moonlanders. 1816.
Aubrey: in five cantos. 1818.
Lines on reading the last canto of Childe Harold. 1818.
A monody on the death of Mr. Grattan. 1820.
Journal kept during a visit to Germany in 1799, 1800. 1861.
The remains of the late Mrs. Richard Trench: being selections from her journals, letters, & other papers. 1862.
Melesina Trench: poems and letters from her journal. 1977.