Rev. George Townsend


The son of an independent clergyman, George Townsend was born at Ramsgate in Kent where he attended school and where he attracted the attention of Richard Cumberland who assisted him in being admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1812; M.A. 1816). After publishing poems and holding several clerical livings he was appointed professor at Sandhurst (1816). His study of the Old Testament and High-Church controversial writings were rewarded with a prebendary at Durham (1825).


1810Elegy, supposed to be written in Barnet Church-Yard.


Poems. 1810.
Armageddon a poem, in twelve books. 1815.
The Oedipus Romanus; or, An attempt to prove, from the principles of reasoning adopted by the Rt. Hon. Sir William Drummond, in his Oedipus Judaicus, that the twelve Caesars are the signs of the zodiac. 1819.
The Old Testament: arranged in Historical & Chronological Order. 2 vols, 1821.
The New Testament: arranged in Historical & Chronological Order. 2 vols, 1825.
The accusations of history against the Church of Rome. 1825.
Supplementary letter to Charles Butler, Esq. in reply to his Vindication of the book of the Roman Catholic Church. 1826.
Review of a pamphlet entitled "Declaration of the Catholic bishops, the vicars apostolic, and their coadjutors in Great Britain." 1827.
Obedience to the laws of the Church of Rome incompatible with the power of legislating for Protestants. 1829.
Infidelity, not an involuntary error, but a wilful sin: a sermon. 1836.
The acts and monuments of J. Foxe [ed. Townsend]. 1837.
The doctrine of the atonement to be taught without reserve. 1838.
The uniform effects of Christianity : a funeral sermon. 1838.
The Church of England the best accomplisher of the objects of the miraculous gifts: a sermon. 1839.
The Trust committed to the Clergy: or, the Church of England the preserver of truth, against the Romanist, Infidel, and Sectarian. A sermon. 1839.
Remarks on the errors of Mr. Maitland: in his notes on the contributions of the Rev. Geo. Townsend to the new edition of Foxe's Martyrology. 1842.
The substance of two speeches delivered at Durham, Feb. 20, 1844. 1844.
Sermon preached on Sunday, July 13, 1845. 1845.
Journal of a tour in Italy in 1850, with an account of an interview with the pope. 1850.