Thomas Campion


The son of a chancery clerk from Hertfordshire, Thomas Campion studied as a gentleman pensioner at Cambridge (1581-84) and at Gray's Inn. Rather than pursue the law, he took his M.D. at Caen in 1605. Campion served as a volunteer in the expedition led by Essex in 1591; five of his songs were printed with Astrophel and Stella the same year. Though best known today as a songwriter, Campion also composed four masques.


1595Ad Ed. Spencerum.


Poemata. 1595, 1619
A booke of ayres. 1601, 1613, 1617.
Observations in the art of English poesie. 1602.
The description of a mask at Whitehall in honour of the Lord Hayes and his bride: other small poems. 1607.
The lords masque. 1613.
A new way of making four parts in counterpoint. 1613.
A relation of the late royal entertainment given by Lord Knowles on the marriage night of the Count Palatine and the Lady Elizabeth. 1613.
Songs of mourning bewailing the death of Prince Henry. 1613.
The description of a mask at the marriage of the Earl of Somerset and Frances Howard. 1614.
Epigrammatum libri II, Umbra, Elegiarum liber unus. 1619.
A friend's advice in a ditty concerning the variable changes in the world. 1625?
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