Rev. Thomas Jackson


Thomas Jackson of Durham matriculated at Queen's College Oxford but transferred to Corpus Christi College Oxford the following year (B.A. 1599, M.A. 1603, Fellow 1606, B.D. 1610, D.D. 1622); he was Vicar of St. Nicholas, Newcastle-on-Tyne (1623), Rector of Winston, Durham (1625), chaplain to Neile, bishop of Durham, chaplain in ordinary to the king, canon of Winchester (1635), and Vicar of Witney, Oxford (1632). Jackson returned to Oxford as president of Corpus Christi College (1630-40) and was dean of Peterborough (1639-40). Anthony Wood confuses him with a different Thomas Jackson (d. 1646).


1620 ca.Dominus Veniet. Of Christ's Session at the Right-Hand of God.


Eternall truth of Scriptures, and Christian beleefe ... commentaries. 1613, etc.
Justifying faith. 1615.
Nazareth and Bethlehem, and mankind's comfort: two sermons. 1617.
Christs answer unto Johns question ... delivered in certain sermons. 1625.
A treatise concerning the originall of unbelief. 1625.
A treatise of the holy catholike faith and church. 1627.
A treatise of the divine essence and attributes. 1628.
Diverse sermons, with a short treatise. 1637.
A treatise of the consecration of the sonne of God to his everlasting priesthood. 1638.
Works. 1653-57.
Two treatises on the Church, ed. W. Goode. 1843.