Sir Charles Sedley


The son of Sir John Sedley, Charles Sedley was educated at Wadham College, Oxford before succeeding his elder brother as fifth baronet in 1656. He was an associate of Rochester, Dorset, and Etheredge, and one of the king's boon companions. In 1668 he was elected to represent Romeny in Parliament, where in his later years he was an active participant. Since his poems circulated in manuscript or were published without attribution, early collections of his works are not reliable.


1672A Pastoral Dialogue


Pompey the Great: a tragedy [Corneille, trans.]. 1664.
The mulberry garden: a comedy. 1668.
Anthony and Cleopatra: a tragedy. 1677.
Bellamira, or the mistress: a comedy. 1687.
The oration of Cicero for M. Marcellus. 1689.
Reflections upon our late and present proceedings in England. 1689.
The speech of Sir Charles Sidley in the House of Commons. 1691.
The fourth book of Virgil, trans. Sedley. 1692.
The happy pair: or a poem upon matrimony. 1702.
Miscellaneous works, ed. William Ayloffe. 1702.
Poetical works, and his speeches in Parliament, with large additions. 1707.
Works, with memoirs of the author's life. 2 vols, 1722.
Poetical and dramatic works, ed. V. De Sola Pinto. 2 vols, 1928.