John Cartwright Cross

(1770 ca.-1809)

J. C. Cross acted at Covent Garden and the Haymarket before becoming part-proprietor and acting-mangager of the Royal Circus. He published poems, songs, and theatrical pieces, and had some reputation as a writer of gothic drama. Many of his publications seem to have been broadsheets and songbooks. His name is given in the Biographia Dramatica as "James" C. Cross, which seems to have led to some bibliographical confusion.


1792Jessy, or the Disappointment. An Elegiac Ballad.
1792The Happy Cottager. A Pastoral Ballad.
1792The Village Bard. A Fragment.


Parnassian trifles. 1792.
The insolvent debtor: a simple pathetic tale, founded on facts. To which is added, a small collection of miscellaneous poetry. 1793.
The apparition! A musical dramatic romance, in two acts. 1794.
British fortitude, and Hibernian friendship; or an escape from France. A musical drama in one act. 1794.
The purse; or, benevolent tar. a musical drama, in one act. 1794.
Tully's rambles; or an Irishman's tour through London and Westminster; an Hibernian pasticio. 1795?
Parnassian bagatelles: being a miscellaneous collection of poetical attempts. 1796.
Village doctor. 1796.
Way to get unmarried. 1796.
Julia of Louvain, or Monkish cruelty, a new dramatic spectacle. 1797.
In love, in debt, and in liquor, or our way in Wales; a new musical drama. 1797.
Sir Francis Drake and Iron Arm. 1800.
King Caesar. 1801.
The eclipse. 1801.
The fire king. 1801.
Rinaldo Rinaldini. 1801.
The enchanted harp. 1802.
The fatal prediction. 1802.
The golden farmer. 1802.
Gonsalvo de Cordova. 1802.
Jubilee of 1802. 1802.
Corsican pirate. 1803.
John Bull and Buonaparte. 1803.
Louisa of Lombardy. 1803.
Number Nip. 1803.
Our native land and gallant protectors. 1803.
Rival statues. 1803.
Cybele. 1803.
Pedler's acre. 1804.
Black Beard. 1809.
The cloud king. 1809.
Cora. 1809.
The fire king, or, Albert and Rosalie: a grand magic ballet of action. 1809.
The false friend; or, Assassin of the Rocks: a new melo-dramatic ballet of action. 1809.
Halloween. 1809.
Julia of Louvain. 1809.
Round tower. 1809.