Edward Howard

(1624-1700 ca.)

Edward Howard was the brother of Sir Robert Howard and brother-in-law of John Dryden. He was a prolific writer and the butt of much contemporary satire. "The honourable Edward Howard, by his poem called The British Princes, engaged the attention of by far the most eminent of his contemporaries; who played upon his vanity, as the wits of half a century before had done on that of Thomas Coryat, by writing extravagant compliments on his work" John Nichols, Select Collection (1780-84) 3:105.


1669The Brittish Princes: Preface to the Reader.
1687Spencer Redivivus containing the first Book of the Fairy Queen.
1687Spencer Redivivus: The Preface.
1689Caroloiades, or, the Rebellion of Forty One.
1689Caroloiades: Preface.


The usurper, a tragedy. 1668.
A panegyrick to his Highness the Duke of York, on his sea-fight with the Dutch. 1666.
The Brittish princes: an heroick poem. 1669.
The womens conquest. A tragicomedy. 1671.
The six days adventure: or the new utopia. 1671.
Poems and essays; with a paraphrase on Cicero's Laelius written in heroick verse. 1674.
The man of Newmarket, etc. 1678.
Spencer redivivus. 1687.
Caroloiades, or the rebellion of Forty One: a heroick poem. 1689.
The change of crownes. A tragi-comedy, ed. F. S. Boas. 1949.